[rt-users] CALLING EXTERNALAUTH TESTERS - v0.07_01 nowavailable

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Nov 10 07:00:06 EST 2008

Franzini, Gabriele [Nervianoms] wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> This is intended, we kept it to enable non-LDAP users, e.g. root, to log
> in. "Intended" does not mean "fully aware of consequences", however --
> we are still learning. Are there side effects?
> Many thanks again,
> Gabriele

WebExternalAuth doesn't allow root to login.

RT::Authen::ExternalAuth allows external *and* internal users to login.
If the user already exists inside RT, then it doesn't bother to look in
an external source for authentication, but will still look externally
and load user information if the user exists in an outside source.

WebExternalAuth is the system that checks to see if the web server has
authenticated a user, and logs the user in if it has. This is a
completely different system to Internal auth or "ExternalAuth" and
requires that your web server is configured to authenticate users trying
to access the RT directory.
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