[rt-users] Execute RT CLI on a foreign machine (XP)?

kschmitte kschmitte at voiceobjects.com
Mon Nov 10 09:58:16 EST 2008

Hello All,

in case someone is interested ;)
I have installed Gnome&Eclipse&PyDev on my RT test machine to resolve
My Python code to get tickets looks like the following (hope that helps in
some place ;) ):

import os

class RTCLI:

    #global Vars
    DEBUG = False
    def __init__(self):
        self.DEBUG = False
    def login(self,  user,  password,  server):
    #    os.system('export RTUSER=')
    #    os.system('export RTPASSWD=')
    #    os.system('export RTSERVER=http://localhost/rt')
        os.system('export RTUSER=' + user)
        os.system('export RTPASSWD=' + password)
        os.system('export RTSERVER=' + server)
        #TODO: check successful login
    def runTicketSQL(self, sql):
        runStr = "rt list \"" + sql + "\""
        retVal = os.popen(runStr)
        return retVal
    def getTicket(self, ticketNo):
        ticketData = {}
        cmdLine = "rt show ticket/" + ticketNo
        res = os.popen(cmdLine)
        for line in res:
            #get first part (before colon)
            prop = line[0:line.find(": ", 0)]
            value = line[line.find(": ",0)+2:]
            ticketData[prop] = value
        return ticketData
    def __getTicketNumbers(self, sqlResult):
        ticketList = []
        for line in sqlResult:#
            #print line[0:line.find(":",0)]
        return ticketList
    def getAllTickets(self, sqlResult):
        #the collection
        ticketCollection = {}
        #get list of numbers
        ticketList = self.__getTicketNumbers(sqlResult)
        #get Ticket data
        for ticketNo in ticketList:
            ticketData = self.getTicket(ticketNo)
            ticketCollection[ticketNo] = ticketData
        return ticketCollection
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