[rt-users] Very slow Bulk Update Page under 3.6.5

Ham MI-ID, Torsten Brumm torsten.brumm at Kuehne-Nagel.com
Mon Nov 10 12:10:25 EST 2008

Hi RT Users,
just spent a whole day to find a solution or hint. Since some weeks (after migration to a faster Database Server) the bulk update page is getting very slow (with slow i mean > 200sec). Everything else is fine and very fast.

I just had a look onto the queries agains the DB and found for my bulk update the following:
Command: Query State: Copying to tmp table

  FROM Users main CROSS JOIN ACL ACL_4 JOIN Principals Principals_1 ON (Principals_1.id = main.id) JOIN CachedGroupMembers CachedGroupMembers_2 ON
     (CachedGroupMembers_2.MemberId = Principals_1.id) JOIN Groups Groups_3 ON (Groups_3.id = CachedGroupMembers_2.GroupId)
  WHERE (Principals_1.Disabled = '0') AND (ACL_4.PrincipalType = Groups_3.Type) AND (Principals_1.id != '1') AND (Principals_1.PrincipalType = 'User') AND
     (ACL_4.RightName = 'OwnTicket') AND ((ACL_4.ObjectType = 'RT::Queue') OR (ACL_4.ObjectType = 'RT::System')) AND ((Groups_3.Domain = 'RT::Queue-Role') OR
     (Groups_3.Domain = 'RT::System-Role'))
  ORDER BY main.Name ASC

table       |type    |possible_keys       |key         | ken_len|ref     |  rows|
1           |SIMPLE  |Groups_3            |range       |PRIMARY,|Groups1 |    67|Using where; Using index; Using temporary; Using filesort
1           |SIMPLE  |CachedGroupMembers_2|ref         |DisGrouM|DisGrouM|     5|Using where; Using index
1           |SIMPLE  |main                |eq_ref      |PRIMARY,|PRIMARY |     4|
1           |SIMPLE  |Principals_1        |eq_ref      | PRIMARY|PRIMARY |     4|Using where; Distinct
1           |SIMPLE  |ACL_4               |range       |    ACL1|ACL1    |    54|Using where; Using index; Distinct


Any ideas where to start to fix this?



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