[rt-users] Filter::SpamAssassin

Woody - Wild Things woody at wildthingsafaris.com
Mon Nov 10 12:11:25 EST 2008

Hi Pierce,

I have it working fine, tho there was a problem with the Auth and I 
think the solution was to put spamassassin before Auth

Set( @MailPlugins => "Filter::SpamHeader", "Auth::MailFrom");


Jerrad Pierce wrote:
> Has anyone gotten this to work? I know Erik posted a revised version
> back in August,
> but I've been playing around with it, and it seems the original sample
> filter made many
> many bad assumptions (and also that Interface/Email makes it very very
> hard on the
> filter writer). Besides Erik's discovery of problems with MIME::Entity
> objects being
> passed on to SpamAssassin, it seems filters cannot expect to be handed
> a real user
> name or authlevel, and figure out the former for themselves?

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