[rt-users] CALLING EXTERNALAUTH TESTERS - v0.07_01 now available.

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Nov 10 13:59:24 EST 2008

John McCoy wrote:
> Good points Mike, I did not think about the fact that future users can
> still get added as user at ggu.edu if they first are just a requester, this
> would mean I either need a constant process to "fix" these or as you
> suggest:
>> Since ExternalAuth has been refactored, I could add an Overlay to have
>> ExternalAuth checked for info when a user is auto-created by e-mail and
>> have the info loaded then. It wouldn't help past users, but would help
>> future users that start by e-mail and then login.
> I am thinking this might be best, I have a few more days before my next
> major project kicks off, meaning I have some time to give back to RT.
> Would you like to do this as part of LDAP.pm or externally? Give me some
> guide lines and I will see what I can come up with.

Having thought about this (and had some sleep) since.. I realised that,
as far as I know, ExternalAuth *already* looks up external user info
when a user is autocreated by email because when the user is created
CanonicalizeUserInfo is called which is overridden by ExternalAuth and
so goes off to find the users info based on their email address.. Can
you confirm this?
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