[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth selectable authentication service?

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Wed Nov 12 14:44:41 EST 2008

Kenneth Marshall wrote:
> That seems like a lot of work to save a couple of very light-weight
> LDAP queries. Plus, if anyone changes status, you will need to manually
> reset their fields to get them to authenticate correctly. My two cents.

To be honest I have to agree. It would require a lot of work and would
save only a small amount of resources and could render RT an
administrative nightmare. Also, the extra lookups required inside RT
would likely reduce the LDAP load at the expense of increasing the load
on the RT server.

Having said that, you are more than welcome to investigate coding it
yourself, I just simply wouldn't find the time - as it is I've yet to
get the chance to confirm the DB authentication in 0.07_01 so as to
release it as stable.

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