[rt-users] Login screen after each click

Kobus Bensch kbensch at fullnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 04:58:52 EST 2008


   If I have already done this and I do it again, will it cause some  
further issues?


   Quoting Jon Tollerton <jtollerton at zoominternet.net>:

> You most likely need to upgrade the schema of the database if you're on
> mysql 5.  Even if you were on mysql 5 prior to the upgrade, you still
> have to follow the upgrade instructions.  Hopefully they'll consider
> more clear wording in the docs in the next release!
> Kobus Bensch - No Sig wrote:
>> Hi
>> Hopefully one last issue from me.
>> I have now sorted the EX-TEMPFAIL issue, but I have been and still am
>> experiencing issues where with each click I am asked to login again.
>> Thanks to EX_TEMPFAIL, this has not been important, but now I need to
>> fix that. Any suggestions anyone please.
>> Thanks
>> Kobus
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