[rt-users] RTx::EmailCompletion config problems

Aaron Guise aaron at guise.net.nz
Sun Nov 16 17:00:53 EST 2008

I'm having problems properly configuring RTx::EmailCompletion. I found this
extention through the RT Wiki, I have installed it correctly but I still
don't have any auto-completions occuring.
I have checked the Readme contained with the extension and cannot for the
life of me see why it isn't working, seemed simple enough.

So far, I've tried to install the module manually (Normal perl module
install), also after this didn't work I tried to install via CPAN. Again
this seems to end up with the same result.

I'm using RT 3.8.0 on Debian Etch with Apache/1.3.34 (Debian),mod_perl.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working?


*Aaron Guise
  07 854 7824
027 212 6638
aaron at guise.net.nz
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