[rt-users] search case sensitiv

Bjoern Schulz bjoern.schulz at desy.de
Mon Nov 17 09:53:19 EST 2008

Hi Curtis,
thx for your quick reply.

Our rt (3.8.1) is an upgrade from rt 3.6.7.

On the "old" RT the table options for the table

"Attachments" are Character Set is "cp1252 West European"
and the collation is "latin1_swedish_ci".

The Column "Content" is a LONGTEXT (Character Set cp1252 West European).

On the "new" RT

"Attachments" are Character Set UTF-8 Unicode
and the collation is utf8_general_ci.

But the Column "Content" was changed to "LONGBLOB", no special CharSet 
or Collation.

IMHO a collation attribute change doesn't help us.

Do you know another way to make search in RT case in sensitive?


Curtis Bruneau wrote:
> I'm guessing you are using utf8_bin collation, the others are case 
> insensitive. Unfortunately non binary utf8 ones aren't accent sensitive 
> so it lacks a bit compared to latin1 which offers both. If accents 
> aren't a major concern you should be using like utf8_unicode_ci or 
> utf8_general_ci or swedish .. they all have slightly different rules for 
> sorting.
> Bjoern Schulz wrote:
>> Hi RT Users.
>> after upgrading to 3.8.1 the search for ticket content is case sensitiv.
>> To solve this problem (for us) any hint would be appreciated.
>> Best regards
>>    Björn
>> System.
>> SL5 (RHEL5)
>> mysql 5.0.45
>> perl 5.8.8
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