[rt-users] RTx::EmailCompletion config problems

Jac Gubbels GUBBELS JacG at kocschool.k12.tr
Tue Nov 18 02:48:39 EST 2008

Ok, but the link you need points from RTx-EmailCompletion to EmailCompletion. The EmailCompletion dir is created by the install script, but the link to it has to be made manually as RT is looking for RTx-EmailCompletion directory. The Heritage of earlier versions of this plugin I think. So I think you got my point backwards :-)

-- Jac Gubbels

PS: I have cc-ed this message (striped of your personal data) to the rt users list. So others can benefit from it as well.

>> Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 9:47 PM
>> To: Jac Gubbels GUBBELS
>> Subject: Re: [rt-users] RTx::EmailCompletion config problems

>> Thanks for the input but unfortunately not, I checked the plugins directory and in fact the plugin folder is named 
>> EmailCompletion already so symbolic link wouldn't work. Alas we are still without email completion.
>> Regards,
>> Aaron Guise

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