[rt-users] Issue with being prompted to re-login

Macnlos macnlos at ti-994a.com
Wed Nov 19 17:17:55 EST 2008

I've got 3.8.1 installed on a SLES 9.3 box.  I've not added anything
special and running a pretty simple setup.  I've upgraded from 3.6.7 up
to 3.8.1 and ran the DB upgrade scripts.

Here is the issue:  When I login I can click on Home, Simple Search,
Tools, Configuration, Preferences and Approval links until I'm blue in
the face.  But when I click on "Tickets" and then another link I get
dumped back out to the login page.

rt.log doesn't have anything in it.  httpd/error_log doesn't have
anything in it.  I'm stuck here and need a bump in the right direction.
 Any suggestions or is there more information I can provide?


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