[rt-users] rt-shredder out of memory

Hoogstraten, Ton Ton.Hoogstraten at ingram.nl
Mon Nov 24 12:07:19 EST 2008

Hi All,


Due to my own fault I ended up with some tickets that have a mailloop in
the history. Now I'm trying to remove one of those tickets with the
rt-shredder utility on a test system. Rt-shredder starts the transaction
and I can see the backup sql file growing and messages are being logged
in /var/log/messages. Until perl runs out of memory and stop the
removal. Ticket remains in the DB. The ticket73273.sql dump file reaches
a size of 1.9Gb (to get an idea how big the ticket is! Total RT DB size
is now about 42Gb when dumped for backup)


I'm currently running RT 3.8.1. If someone has an idea how to remove the
ticket it would be very much appreciated!


Kind regards,


Ton Hoogstraten


[root at localhost]# ./rt-shredder --plugin 'Objects=Ticket,73273'
--sqldump ticket73273.sql

SQL dump file is '/opt/rt3/sbin/ticket73273.sql'

Next objects would be deleted:

                RT::Ticket-73273 object

Do you want to proceed? [y/N] y

Out of memory!

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