[rt-users] Forward function in 3.8.1

Carolyn Fairman cfairman at epgy.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 26 00:56:30 EST 2008

I'm fresh from a successful upgrade to 3.8.1.

One thing users asked for was to be able to forward out of RT.  When I  
forward out of RT I get an email with things like this:

> This is forward of transaction #66135 of a ticket #4081

Then a mime-attachment.eml

So this wasn't the expected behavior.  Users wanted, well, an *email*  
that looked just like the process when they use reply, but now 'From'  
their email to someone else so they can fob off the ticket/email/issue  
to someone outside the RT system (like management...).

Anyone have a way to make Forward work like this?


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