[rt-users] What software is recommended for high-loaded RT3.8-latest?

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Thu Apr 2 05:41:46 EDT 2009

Thu 02 Apr 2009 09:57:57 AM GMT
Agnislav Onufrijchuk wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm going to migrate our rt installation to latest version. We'll install clean
> RT on new hardware and them migrate DB and custom modifications.
> Some points about our rt installation:
> - db size - more than 30G;
> - mostly 100000 tickets;
> - 4000 transactions per day.
> Can you please advice software for serving such high-loaded system:
> - FreeBSD or Linux?

Slackware Linux. Perfect balance of security and stability and with a
custom-generic kernel the RAM footprint is comparatively tiny and makes
for a very responsive server.

Whatever OS you choose, make sure you do a manual RT install, don't rely
on someone's pre-packaged system. Also, I recommend making sure all of
your perl modules are installed via CPAN not a packaging system to
ensure no upstream modifications and a simple upgrade path. In Slackware
both of the above are a given.

> - File system: Ext3/XFS/JFS/...?

Debatable. I would probably say Ext3 myself, but then for the level of
transactions you're talking about you are on the border where J/X/Reiser
could prove themselves useful. Wouldn't hurt to do some benchmarking.
For what it's worth, don't take recoverability into account in your
decision, just make backups. Trying to perform file-system data recovery
in that type of environment is a waste of time on any FS.

> - apache 2.2 or nginx?

Apache. No Question.

> - MySQL or Postgresql?

Debatable. I think for me it would depend on what is in use in the rest
of your architecture. If you are a fully MySQL house, as we are here,
then it makes sense to keep it all the same since you can share
primary/failover servers and your people-processes are harmonious. If
you don't really have a dependency on either then... well it's up to
you. I'm used to MySQL and having it at the core of nearly all
DB-dependant applications here has been useful, but many would argue
that for a larger system like yours PG wouyld give you better
performance. Again, a bit of benchmarking wouldn't go amiss.

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