[rt-users] What software is recommended for high-loaded RT3.8-latest?

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Thu Apr 2 09:13:45 EDT 2009


I have included my comments below. It is important to consider
your skills/strengths when making these choices. i.e. If you
have experience with one database or OS, you should consider
using them instead of trying to build expertise in a new
environment. That being said...

On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 11:57:57AM +0300, Agnislav Onufrijchuk wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm going to migrate our rt installation to latest version. We'll install clean
> RT on new hardware and them migrate DB and custom modifications.
> Some points about our rt installation:
> - db size - more than 30G;
> - mostly 100000 tickets;
> - 4000 transactions per day.
Are these 4000 tickets per day or 4000 updates total? 100000 tickets
is not very many if you actually generate 4000 tickets per day. Do
you "shred" old tickets to remove them from your DB?

> Can you please advice software for serving such high-loaded system:
> - FreeBSD or Linux?
Either would be acceptable, given 4000 tickets per day = 500 per hour
for an 8 hour day = less than 10 tickets per minute is not much of a
CPU load for today's hardware if the I/O subsystem is up to the task..

> - File system: Ext3/XFS/JFS/...?
Use the supported/recommended one for your chosen OS.

> - apache 2.2 or nginx?
Apache all the way.

> - MySQL or Postgresql?
We use PostgreSQL here because the release quality does not vary
as wildly and MySQL. Check the mailing list for problems caused by
particular versions of MySQL. If you pick a tested version, it will
work well. PostgreSQL also support full text index support that make
searching ticket body content extremely fast. We also use the Slony
replication software to keep a warm spare RT system ready to go, in
case the primary system has a hardware problem. We really want to
have redundancy in our ticket system because it should be up even if
everything else is down. :)

Hope this helps.

> Any advice will be appreciated.

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