[rt-users] Encoding problem after upgrade

Boris Jordanov jordanov at brg.bg
Wed Apr 8 12:15:22 EDT 2009

Boris Jordanov написа:
> Hi everyone,
> Today I've upgraded our installation of RT from 3.8.0 to 3.8.2, and a 
> problem arose - much of our RT requests are in cyrillic (mostly utf-8 
> and windows-1251 encoded), and everything cyrillic turned to gibberish. 
> All the existing entries with cyrillic (and not only the subject, the 
> body too) are gibberish via the web interface. Every new request is 
Solved. While waiting for reply I started reading the last posts in 
rt-users. Thanks to Tom Lahti in (Re: [rt-users] RT3 tuning - web 
interface seems slow) - "Ah hah. When you followed the upgrade 
instructions, you probably ran upgrade-mysql-schema.pl, which doesn't 
actually upgrade the mysql schema. It generates SQL queries to do so. 
You have to capture those queries to a file, and then run that file to 
actually upgrade the schema."

I've ran the needed sql and voila - cyrillic text is OK :)

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