[rt-users] Random logouts in RT 3.8.2

Tobias Ramin tobias.ramin at rrz.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Apr 8 12:16:24 EDT 2009


We are having a problem with our freshly installed RT 3.8.2 under Suse 
Linux ES 10.
The setup ran fine, the queues and tickets made for testing were accessable.

Now we try to get our old database from 3.6.1 into the new instance of RT.
The dump imports into mysql 5.0.26 and the update-script works without 

But when clicking any ticket via the quick search field, the 
user-account gets logged out. This didn't happen before with the fresh 
database, but only now after importing the dumpfile.

This problem didn't occur under RT 3.6.1 with the old database.

I think, this is cookie-related, since just before the accounts get 
logged out, a new cookie gets placed in the browser. When I log back 
into RT, I get the page displayed, that I requested before.

When using the normal search field to directly enter the ticket number 
or clicking via "My Day", the ticket gets displayed correctly and no 
random logout happens.

Thank you for your help,


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