[rt-users] Odd Performance Trouble

Aaron Guise aaron at guise.net.nz
Mon Apr 13 16:10:17 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Just recently, well the last month or so we have been having trouble with
RT.  I think it is a database related problem but am unsure where to go.
When loading Tickets we get to wait times of some 14seconds or so and the
whole interface for other users also slows to a crawl.  At these times
apache is freaking out and consumes most of the CPU also.

I thought it may have been the indexes on the attachments table being
dis-organised so I optimised all tables in the database.  Our attachments
table is some 3gig at the moment and now I am totally at a loss... Any ideas
what could cause this, mysql is complaining about any queries that hit the
attachments table which is why I started there.


*Aaron Guise
027 212 6638
aaron at guise.net.nz
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