[rt-users] Set Time Worked via email?

Greg Evans gevans at hcc.net
Tue Apr 14 11:45:43 EDT 2009

Good morning/afternoon/evening :)

I have some questions about the time worked field and tickets by mail.  
Here is a brief rundown of how tickets work after regular business  

Call comes in and is transferred to After-hour support

After-hours support has their own in-house (non-RT) ticketing  
solution. IF a ticket is escalated to level 2 support, their system  
shoots off an email which is received by my RT system. It looks  
something like this:

Owner: afterhours-support
Status: stalled
Requestor: john_smith at yahoo.com
Queue: AfterHours
TimeWorked: 00:14:06
RealName - John Smith
HomePhone - 360-555-1212
City - CityName
State - State
Password - None
Problem - Caller is having a problem with his email in which he is  
unable to send or receive
Solution - We checked all of his email settings and they are correct.  
Customer is having a hard time following directions, this is his first  
computer. We checked his firewall settings. They looked ok. We tried  
turning off Norton Firewall and email scanning as this will normally  
fix the issue. This did not fix the issue. Escalating.

All the fields get set as they should except for TimeWorked. I tried  
to do it multiple ways, but unsuccessfully. I need to be able to have  
the exact time as well, Hours:Minutes:Seconds. Is this possible to do,  
and if so would someone be willing to explain to me how to do it :)

Thanks in Advance for any help,

Greg Evans
gevans at hcc.net
Hood Canal Communications

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