[rt-users] Custom Fields Periodically not working

Flynn, Timothy J timothy-flynn at uiowa.edu
Tue Apr 14 12:03:39 EDT 2009

For these tickets I see that the scrips aren't even firing.  I have
other scrips with the same conditions that are firing.

The condition is On Create and the stage is Transaction Create.  Should
the Stage be Transaction Batch instead?


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Hi we recently upgraded from 3.4.5 to 3.8.2.  At the same time I updated
to Extract Custom Fields 2.0.  We use a webform which validates an email
generation to a queue.  The form has not changed.  

In some tickets we will not have any custom fields loaded.  The emails
that create them visually look the same.  Here is an example record from
the Custom Field template:


I see that there are 2 options that are omitted, the parsing command and
the final q or * option.  Is there some reason that we could visually
see the fields but they do not apply on seemingly random tickets?  Does
this have anything to do with MIME attachments?

Any help greatly appreciated!


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