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jmoseley at corp.xanadoo.com jmoseley at corp.xanadoo.com
Thu Apr 16 11:25:59 EDT 2009

Asif, it's getting really hard to tell whose writing what with the way you
are quoting/replying to emails.  It sounds like you are trying to not only
upgrade RT but also move your database from mysql 4.x.x to 5.x.x.

I would start by getting your current RT database dumped and successfully
moved to the 5.x.x system first:

mysqldump --opt --single-transaction <db name>  > rt3.sql

Create the database on the new 5.x.x server, but don't create any tables,
etc.  Then import the dump:

mysql <db name> < rt3.sql

The way you are currently doing it is failing because the database and
tables already exist in the new 5.x.x system and your dump does not contain
the 'drop table if exists' syntax.  A lot of the issue here is mysql
administration and I'd advise you to consult the mysql support site for
syntax for dumping, restoring, etc.

Once the above is done, you can then follow the instructions in the RT
upgrade documentation to get from 3.4.x to 3.8.2.

Yes, you will need to apply the 'MySQL 4.0->4.1 schema changes'.  It's not
a patch, but a boatload of schema changes.  The first part of the operation
only dumps the sql syntax to a file.  You've then got to apply those sql
commands to the actual database.

The 'UPGRADING.mysql' document covers this in detail.

Good luck.

James Moseley

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