[rt-users] Ticket History Display

Tom Lahti toml at bitstatement.net
Thu Apr 16 20:00:57 EDT 2009

>>> 3.) Stripping out the signatures from emails.  Is it possible?
>> Two options: hack rt-mailgate to strip them before inserting into the
>> database, or make a local Display.html & History.html to display it without
>> the signatures.  The latter is probably "safer" in that if your parsing is
>> wrong, you still have the original data.

After looking at this some more, really all you need is a local copy of
Ticket/Elements/ShowMessageStanza, with customizations added therein to
parse the signature and/or quoted text.

It should be possible the plop them in a <div> that is initially hidden and
offer a control to unhide it, for viewing the original pieces as well
(someone else's idea from an earlier thread when it was quoted text and not

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