[rt-users] Create Groups & Queues Programatically

Eliezer E Chávez eliezer.chavez at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 12:01:59 EDT 2009

Dear Pals

I'm trying to create groups in my rt instance by a perl script, this is the

use lib "$ENV{'RTHOME'}/lib";
use lib "$ENV{'RTHOME'}/local/plugins/RT-FM/lib";
use strict;
use RT::Interface::CLI qw(CleanEnv);
use RT::Group;


my $group = RT::Group->new($RT::SystemUser);
my ($id)  = $group->Create(
    Name         => "$ARGV[0]",
    Description  => "$ARGV[1]",
print "Group id: $id\n";

But keeps telling me this:

[as10g at aspccs11 ~/bin]$ ./rt-addgroup.pl CAR "Coordinación Almacenamiento y
[Fri Apr 17 15:59:11 2009] [crit]: Someone called RT::Group->Create. this
method does not exist. someone's being evil
Group id: 0

So, what i'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance pals!

Eliezer E Chávez
eliezer.chavez at gmail.com
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