[rt-users] Printing tickets

Jon Baker jbaker at wgm.us
Thu Apr 23 09:25:52 EDT 2009

Yeah, unfortunately this is the _facilities_ department which means  
that you need to keep a pretty low expectation on the tech-savvyness  
of the people over there :-)  We changed their stylesheet to an older  
one which prints better, but I know I personally like the newer look  
much better than the older one.

I looked at the code and is there some sort of script that is writing  
the <style> tag to the document?  I looked at the style information  
with some of my firefox tools and notice that there is a bunch of  
statically assigned styles that don't exist in the regular source.   
The big issue that would be nice is to have control over the size of  
the font (so a ticket doesn't take 20 pages to print) and get rid of  
the blue background at the top.

On Apr 22, 2009, at 7:22 PM, Tom Lahti wrote:

> Printer driver setting to print in black & white instead of color  
> will save
> the ink.  Printer driver setting to duplex could save paper.  Many  
> printers
> have a "multiple page per sheet" driver setting as well.  A low tech
> solution, but a quickly implemented one too.
> For a plainer, terser rendering, if it were me, I would use the REST
> interface and build my own separate service that takes a login and  
> ticket ID
> as input and spits out the ticket in a terse format directly to a  
> printer,
> so I can control every aspect of it.  Building it into the existing  
> web
> interface wouldn't be terribly future proof -- you'd have to revisit  
> it
> every time you upgrade RT.
> I'm a big fan of keeping customizations _completely_ separate from  
> the app
> where possible, so I can upgrade on a whim without fear of horking  
> my custom
> stuff.

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