[rt-users] Quick Update

Stephen Cochran stephen.a.cochran.lists at cahir.net
Mon Apr 27 14:18:49 EDT 2009

I'm wondering if anyone has built a quick update view for RT to save us
doing this.

Imagine the default queue search (only new, open, or stalled) with only the
following columns displayed:

ID     Subject     Owner     Status   CF1

What I am hoping for is to be able to have the CF1 field displayed in each
row as a pull-down menu with the CF1 values listed. A user could quickly
select the CF1 value they wanted for each ticket.

Clicking update would cause all the CF1 values to be updated to their new
settings, but not all the same. ie Ticket 1 could have CF1Vaule1 and Ticket
2 could have CF1Value2.

Additionally, the original transaction (request) would display in the list
either via hovering over the subject or by using a AJAXian disclosure

This would allow quickly working through a queue of tickets to assign
categories, owners or status as needed without clicking into every ticket,
going to the "Basics" tab to change any CFs and then moving on to the next

Anyone done this? Would anyone else find this useful?

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