[rt-users] RT instance not sending On create autoreply email, but sends any other scrip's email but not to CC & Watchers.. SOLVED

Dániel Omaisz-Takács otdmunka at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 13:40:51 EDT 2009

Thank you for your advice, I had almost half of a day today trying to
solve the problem but finally we found it (by accident):
The guy who was translating the templates made a mistake:
Instead of using "# {$Ticket->id()} " he somehow managed to write { #
{$Ticket->id()} .
The problem is there were no error messages, no nothing stating that
the template can't be processed .. it just simply stopped functioning.
Couldn't find anything in the logs.. they are on debug :)

Hope this info helps someone, someday: double check your templates
guys/girls =) don't waste ~1,5 days on it like i did.. =S


Ken Crocker <kfcrocker at lbl.gov> írta (2009. április 29. 18:52):
> Daniel,
>   Before anyone can really help it would be useful to have you list each
> Global scrip (conditions, action, stage) and each Queue based scrip. By
> seeing these, it will be easier to debug your situation.
> Kenn
> On 4/29/2009 1:44 AM, Dániel Omaisz-Takács wrote:
>> Hi all, i have encountered a problem i couldn't solve and couldn't
>> find any solution on the mailing lists eather:
>> i have 2 RT instances installed on the server, both are configured
>> with the same scripts, completely different RT_SiteConfig parameters.
>> Both are working fine except for one thing:
>> Instance 1 does this realy weard email sending bug:  i have the default
>> 3 On Create Autoreply To Requestors
>> scrip which does NOT send an autoreply no mather what i set up to do
>> so. But only in one of the RTs, in the other it works fine. And all
>> the other scrips (like the 10 On Resolve Notify Requestors srip work
>> fine, send emails etc.)
>> In the log i found another strange (or strage for me) but relevant thing:
>> [Wed Apr 29 08:06:15 2009] [debug]: Found 2 scrips for
>> TransactionCreate stage with applicable type(s) Create
>> (/opt/rt/bin/../lib/RT/Scrips_Overlay.pm:370)
>> [Wed Apr 29 08:06:15 2009] [debug]: About to commit scrips for
>> transaction #346 (/opt/rt/bin/../lib/RT/Transaction_Overlay.pm:187)
>> 1, i have only 1 scrip for the create state, so how can it find 2?
>> 2, its about to commit the "3 On Create Autoreply To Requestors" scrip
>> (i guess thats 1 of the 2) but it doesn't, and i have no idea why.
>> There is no record of outgoing email in the ticket history eather.
>> CC's Watchers and other email functions not working too. It sends the
>> mail to the recipient but bot to the watchers and the CC's...
>> Maybe the 2 instances interfearing with each other? If so where and how?
>> Please help me, it would be very important to us that it would work.
>> Thank you all in advance!
>> Daniel
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