[rt-users] RT db schema

Alberto Villanueva alberto.villanueva at altran.es
Thu Apr 30 10:44:24 EDT 2009


> mysql>  desc ObjectCustomFieldValues;

Before, this already did it :-) but I didn't understand

> ObjectId is Tickets.Id if ObjectType = 'RT::Ticket'; 
> CustomField is CustomFields.Id

I understood it, but within ObjectType = 'RT::Ticket'. I think
this is the most important :-(

> I did see your earlier question, though I am not sure what 
> you are trying to do, using perl and RT api will make your 
> life much easier ?

It's possible I haven't explained correctly I want to do. Sorry

I don't know if it's easier than. I need to do several queries in
MySQL because the different reports tools for RT don't run all
queries my Client wants to. So if I get all queries, I'll speak
to my boss for developing a perl script to do them :-)

> Regards;
> Roy

Best regards,

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