[rt-users] Cloning all scrips to new queue ?

Susan McClure smcclure at rice.edu
Wed Dec 2 12:02:50 EST 2009

Is there now a way, through the RT GUI, to copy all your scrips
(disabled) to a new queue?

I can do it with psql commands.
I thought there was a new, easier way to do it through the RT GUI
in 3.8; but I can't find that now in the list or online info.

Would RT-Extension-QueueWizard be the best way to do it?  It appears
to want to clone the whole queue to a new queue, can I clone just
the scrips?

I have a "default" queue, RT:Template, with all the scrips we use, all
disabled.  Usually I use psql to copy each scrip into a new queue, after
the queue has been created.

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