[rt-users] Problem seeing all unowned tickets.

Lander, Scott slander at hearstsc.com
Thu Dec 3 16:59:25 EST 2009


   In RT 3.8.5.    I have a dozen or so queues, and people can't see tickets outside their own workgroup queue.   This works fine.     Each user has the X newest unowned tickets search on their RT at a Glance page (the default).   Until recently, this worked fine, but, recently people started reporting tickets missing from that search.

   The search is pretty simple - select  where owner = 'Nobody' and (Status = 'new' or Status = 'open')

   When I ran this (or viewed it) as root I saw all the tickets.

   When I clicked on the "X Newest unowned tickets" tab, I would see all of the tickets - and in this case, there were 9, while the X in X Newest unowned tickets was 10.    So, I expected to see all 9 tickets in the RT at a Glance page.    Nope....   Then I noticed that the search said 30 tickets found!    OK - thats what I saw as root, too, because I was seeing all tickets, not just the ones in the users queue...

    I noticed that the ticket that was missing from the user queue was ticket 19 in the root list.   So, I set the users X displayed tickets to be 20.   Loh and behold - the missing ticket now shows up in his RT at a Glance!

   It turns out, we now have 20 (and growing) tickets that are no longer displayed in the home page, not because of any problem with the ticket, but, just their position in the list!  IE, even though the list has 30 tickets, across all of our queues, each user can only see tickets in the first 10 positions.

   Does this description make any sense?   Does anyone have any clues how I can fix this?    Obviously it will quickly be a major problem for us.


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