[rt-users] Error: Registering installation for rt-3.8.6... tar: +*: Not found in archive

Zach Boettner zachb at oxfordsuites.com
Sun Dec 20 12:07:43 EST 2009

Can someone help me resolve the following error which seems to have occurred
near or at the end of the installation process? I'm new to RT installation
and fairly new to FreeBSD. Aslo, how can I upgrade my installation to 3.8.7
since the package/port is 3.8.6?



See the TODO section at the top of the port's Makefile


===>   Registering installation for rt-3.8.6

tar: +*: Not found in archive

tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

pkg_info: tar extract of /usr/ports/www/rt38/rt-3.8.6 failed!

pkg_info: error during unpacking, no info for 'rt-3.8.6' available




Thanks for any help!



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