[rt-users] rt-mailgate setup

Chris Collison collison.chris at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 1 15:17:14 EDT 2009

RT 3.8.1
Apache 2.2.3

So I'm currently trying to get rt-mailgateway set-up properly.  I've got SMTP set-up properly and the mail-log reflects messages I try to send.  However, when the message was passed to the aliased command it was breaking. I then discovered it was a authorization related error as generated below by echoing the output.

 echo test |/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'AT Issues' --action correspond --url https://thisiswhereourURLgoes.com/rt3/

An Error Occurred

401 Authorization Required

URL is correct, I just changed it for posting purposes.

So I realize that this is due in part to the fact we're using SSL for RT.  
I think I could probably pass credentials in the https://user:pass@URL format, but we use Active Directory for RT log-ins.  

Leaves me with these 2 questions:

1) Would this mean I'd need a dummy account of some type to get messages through?  
2) Is there a way to have apache just let requests go through without authorizing them?


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