[rt-users] Query Logging

Varun varun.vyas at elitecore.com
Sat Jul 4 02:06:40 EDT 2009

Hi Ruslan

Thanks a lot for the giving me exact usage. And I will definitely made
changes as suggested by you and will let you know

Thanks & Regards

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Correct usage is

You have to restart server.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Varun<varun.vyas at elitecore.com> wrote:
> Hello All
> I have already post one question about how I can trace my query or put
> my queries in log generated by RT. Though I have made some changes which
> suggested by Raed. But still I am not been able to log my query in rt.log
> Can any one suggest me what I have been missing. I have already set
> "Set($StatementLog,3);" and restarted apache. But my changes are still not
> being reflected. And I m not been able to log my queries
> Please any one can help me out in this is highly appreciated
> Thanks & Regards
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Best regards, Ruslan.

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