[rt-users] RT Query Logging

Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Sat Jul 4 02:24:44 EDT 2009

Varun Vyas wrote:
> Hello All
> Can anyone can tell me how i can log my queries that hits my database in 
> RT.log. I am using oracle 9i and RT 3.6.3 we have a performance issue as 
I saw that it is now working for you, query logging that is.

> our RT is very slow and takes 15-20 seconds for database operations. So 
> i want to log my queries so that i can then analyze them for performance 
> optimisation. And also i m getting internal server error frequently can 
> any one tell me how can i correct it

Timeout can be circumvented by increasing the fastcgi timeout but that 
doesn't speed up RT.
I gather from your emails that it is not displaying that is reaaaal slow 
but the updates and inserts which points to problems with the indices of 
Oracle. Each insert/update updates the index. Do you have your index 
tablespace of the rt schema on a different drive than your data tablespace?
Do you have archiving enabled? and where are your archives being written 
to? and what about the redo logs?

What is the general write performance to that drive?

Hopefully some of these question will help you pinpoint where the 
problem is.



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