[rt-users] Resolve ticket and include message body in ticket

Khusro Jaleel mailing-lists at kerneljack.com
Tue Jul 7 05:13:03 EDT 2009


I'm quite new to RT and wondering how to do the following.

I need to resolve a ticket when an email is sent to the queue resolve 
address, for example, myqueue-resolve at domain.com. This is fine, and I 
have managed to do this by adding a new 'rt-mailgate' command with an 
action of 'resolve' to my /etc/aliases file.

However, the person sending this email will include some text describing 
the reason for resolving the ticket, among other things, and I would 
like this text to be added to the ticket when it is resolved and I can't 
find a way to do this.

I tried creating a custom scrip with a custom template of 
${Transaction->Content()} or something like that, but it didn't work.

Any help appreciated.


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