[rt-users] Customers integration

Erwan HAMON hamon.erwan at free.fr
Mon Jul 13 06:02:17 EDT 2009

Quoting Brot Stéphane <s.brot at tvtservices.ch> on Mon, 13 Jul 2009  
11:27:18 +0200:

> As support team member, when a customer calls, I want to be able to   
> quickly open a ticket from the RT web interface. There should be a   
> search page to fill in the requestor field, being able to search by   
> name, street address, customer number,...
> Is it possible to extend RT that much ? How hard ?

I have installed RTx::EmailCompletion to display a drop-down and match  
against name as RT3's Real Name and customer number as RT3's Username.

You could add some location fields to $EmailCompletionSearchFields but  
they would not be displayed in the drop-down without further code  

> How do you use RT for the support of thousands of end users ?

Can't answer that one.


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