[rt-users] MakeClicky call back example doesn't seem to work (RT3.8.4)

Justin Hayes justin.hayes at orbisuk.com
Tue Jul 14 13:12:16 EDT 2009


Has anyone tried the example MakeClicky Callback in the docs  

I've added the following as a callback as it says :

   $types   => []
   $actions => {}
   my $web_path = RT->Config->Get('WebPath');

   # action that takes ticket ID as argument and returns link to the  
   $actions->{'link_ticket'} = sub {
       my %args = @_;
       my $id = $args{'all_matches'}[1];
       return qq{<a href="$web_path/Ticket/Display.html?id=$id"> 

   # add action to the list
   push @$types, {
       # name, that should be used in config to activate action
       name   => 'short_ticket_link',
       # regular expression that matches text 'ticket #xxx'
       regex  => qr{ticket\s+#(\d+)}i,
       # name of the action that should be applied
       action => 'link_ticket',

It definitely does something, as my Ticket #1 text becomes clickable,  
however it links to a Display.html url with no ticket id


I guess the       my $id = $args{'all_matches'}[1];   bit just doesn't  
have a value, but this is the example in the official docs so I'm  
surprised it doesn't work....


Justin Hayes
Orbis Support Manager
justin.hayes at orbisuk.com

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