[rt-users] Searching ldap for name

Lander, Scott slander at hearstsc.com
Wed Jul 15 12:38:10 EDT 2009


    In RT 3.8.4;
        All of my requesters are in our ldap, and they can sign in to RT fine.   So, that part is working.     However;  it turns out that a lot of our tickets are opened by users calling our help desk, and the help desk opens the tickets on the actual requesters behalf.    They do this by typing in the requesters email address.

            They would like to have some mechanism to find the users name, or email, by searching the ldap for it.   Best would be an auto fill field which would narrow the search as they type in the address, but, I am open to any other ideas...

             Does RT have anything that might do this?


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