[rt-users] Scrip Regarding Escalation Of Ticket To Higher Queue

Varun varun.vyas at elitecore.com
Tue Jul 21 06:46:36 EDT 2009

Hello all


I want one functionality like whenever any ticket from my one queue (i.e
24online level 2) is escalated to higher queue ( QAFED ) mail should be
fired to admin CC's of QAFED queue that ticket has been escalated to their
queue. We have 24 queues in all but I want functionality only for this two
queues. Can any one suggest me how I can write scrip for it and if possible
please provide me script with template of mail. I am a bit new in RT so I am
not much aware of writing custom scrip or scrip.


Any help is highly appreciated 


Thanks in advance

Varun Vyas

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