[rt-users] Take/Steal Column

David fooraide at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 10:29:12 EDT 2009


I've just installed RT 3.8.4 and I see that it seems to lack a feature
that existed in the past.

In search options, there used to be a column that could be added, if I
remember correctly, it was called "Take/Steal". Now, well, it's not
there anymore.

This column would show, in search results, a "Take" button if the
owner was nobody or a "Steal" button if the ticket was assigned.

Is this feature gone ? It was handy for the tasks I need to have done.
I'd like to have it back.

Do note that this may have been removed a long time ago, I think the
last time I used RT it was under a 3.6.x release.


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