[rt-users] rt-shredder / Ignore Privileged Users

Ruslan Zakirov ruslan.zakirov at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 22:53:16 EDT 2009

You're right, see your pain. I think member_of option in the Users
plugin can help with this issue. Try attached patch, documentation

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 3:24 AM, Tim Gustafson<tjg at soe.ucsc.edu> wrote:
>> There is no such option at this moment except extending
>> Users plugin of the shredder.
> Is there a "suggestion box" for new features?  This seems like a pretty glaring oversight.  Surely mine can't be the only organization with privileged users who aren't always attached to tickets.
> I have about 30 privileged users, and maybe 500 other unprivileged actual users that have requests in the system, and a total of 4,130 records in my "Users" table.  Probably 3,000 of them are users that were auto-created when RT received SPAM.
> We're auto-deleting tickets after 5 years of inactivity, but it seems that in the current implementation, auto-created SPAM users can never be automatically deleted.
> Tim Gustafson
> Baskin School of Engineering
> UC Santa Cruz
> tjg at soe.ucsc.edu
> 831-459-5354

Best regards, Ruslan.
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