[rt-users] Broke RT somehow...Help please

Greg Evans gevans at hcc.net
Mon Jul 27 17:02:12 EDT 2009


I had to reinstall Scalar::Util as per Jesse's suggestion. I shold  
have been documenting what I did, but heh, I didn't think it was a big  
deal, but I had been trying to upgrade Net::SSH and Net::SSH::Expect  
IIRC. Then after it was broken I went all crazy and started going  
through the list and upgrading/updating everything I could find that  
might be related. Heh.

Next time (Hopefully there will not be one) I will try to have more  
patience and actually do some documenting.

Greg Evans

On Jul 27, 2009, at 1:47 PM, ravi wrote:

> On Jul 27, 2009, at 3:31 PM, Greg Evans wrote:
>> I updated some things in CentOS and now my RT is broken. I am not
>> sure where to continue looking at this point. I have checked the
>> error logs, access logs, etc. but I see nothing out of the ordinary.
>> I am assuming that it is maybe something with Mason that I broke???
>> When I try to access the login page the browser (Safari 4) just
>> downloads a blank file to my computer. I am lost, any help
>> appreciated...
> Greg,
> I just went through a fairly torturous procedure getting RT running
> after an unintended MySQL upgrade. It would be interesting to know
> what it is you upgraded in CentOS? Was it MySQL 5? Then you may need
> to upgrade RT as well. OTOH, if you upgraded mod_perl or Apache, your
> HTML::Mason might indeed be the issue. It looks from your last part
> above that somehow the config for your Apache is not working to invoke
> the FCGI or mod_perl handler for your RT installation. Are you sure
> this is a blank file? Can you use wget (assuming you are on *nix
> including Mac OS X) and get the full headers?
> 	--ravi
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