[rt-users] Trouble adding RTx-Tags-0.14 to RT 3.8.1

Kay Wanous kay.wanous at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 15:09:46 EDT 2009

I've fixed the program... it had to do with us using postgresql instead 
of mysql, and postgres's custom queries being case sensitive, unlike mysql.

I used Adam Tingle's workaround 
and this has resolved the problem.

Thanks Jerrad and Ruslan for all your help!

   -- Kay

Jerrad Pierce wrote:
> As indicated in the POD, the SQL uses Tags.
> This shouldn't have anything to do with custom field searching though.
> Granted, the cloud links are to .tags and not .Tags, but they should still
> be happy unless your database has some odd collation setting or other
> funkiness.

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