[rt-users] Query Regarding Upgrade to 3.8.4

Duncan McEwan duncan at ecs.vuw.ac.nz
Wed Jul 29 01:20:13 EDT 2009


I recently upgraded our RT installation from 3.8.1 to 3.8.4.  The upgrade
seemed to go fine, and as far as I can see everything is working well.

But I have a query relating to the upgrade script etc/upgrade/3.8.4/content.

We do use Ruslan's RT-Action-NotifyGroup extension (version 0.2) and so
I'd like to know what effect this upgrade script has on our database.

As far as I could see from examining the ScripActions table before and
after running the upgrade script (using rt-setup-database), it made no
change.  Both before and after the script was run, the Argument value
for each NotifyGroup or NotifyGroupAsComment action was the numeric id
of the appropriate group from the Groups table.

Is this what they are supposed to be?

I tried to understand what the upgrade script is doing, but I got lost
on the call to Storable::thaw($arg).  I'm not sure why it is trying to
thaw the value of $arg, when I can't see how that variable would contain
something previously returned by Storable::freeze().

In fact I can't see anywhere that $arg is set, so I was wondering whether
that was a typo and it should actually be $argument, which *is* set three
lines earlier.  On the off-chance, I tried changing $arg to $argument and
rerunning the script (on a test database!) but it still had no (apparent)

It's quite likely that I'm missing something obvious here.

Any assistance with what this upgrade script is trying to achieve, and
whether or not the current values for the Arguments for those actions
in our database seem correct would be much appreciated.



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