[rt-users] Attachment storage

Michael Ellis michael_ellis at umanitoba.ca
Wed Jul 29 19:16:51 EDT 2009

I am considering attaching .wav files of the voicemail left on our helpdesk to rt tickets, but I'm worried about performance/stability if I start putting this amount of binary data in the system. I ran this thought by our local DB guy and he suggested that this might not be a problem if the database just contained pointers to files stored elsewhere.

I looked at the rt3.Attachments and it looks like the content is actually stored in the DB itself, but I'm a DB newbie.

So I suppose I have three questions: 

1) Do I have it right that the attachments are stored in the DB itself?
2) If they are, could the DB handle, say, a thousand 200KB-2MB attachments per year (and if so for how long?)?
3) If they aren't, is there something else that might be a problem?

Thanks for your help,
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