[rt-users] Reporting returning 0s in RTIR

Koen Van Impe koen.vanimpe at belnet.be
Fri Apr 9 07:58:37 EDT 2010


We run RT 3.8.7 with RTIR 2.4.3 on Ubuntu 9.04.

In the 'old' (v1) versions of RTIR there was a reporting tool (periodic
report) that returned the number of incidents per category for a given
The reporting tool still seems to exist in RTIR 2.4.3
(RTIR\Tools\Reporting) but no matter what time frame we select, the
number of "new reports, resolved or unresolved" remains 0. Also the
different categories for the 'Incident reports received' remains 0. The
only number that seems to change is "outstanding reports at the
beginning of this period".

Does anyone has a clue where I should start looking why the reporting
doesn't return the expected data?

Thanks for the help,


Koen Van Impe - BELNET CERT
koen.vanimpe at belnet.be
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