[rt-users] problem with attached files not sent

Julien Rampon jtb at diantre.net
Wed Apr 14 12:04:26 EDT 2010


Here's my problem !

First, I'm using RT 3.8.1, perl 5.8.8 and mysql 5.0.32 on a debian (etch).

I use the web interface to reply to my customers tickets and I have to
attach files to my replies.

So I attach files with the "choose file" and then "Add more files" buttons.

When I update the ticket, sometimes no files are sent, sometimes juste 1
of 2 files is sent, sometimes everything works ok.

I tested to reply to a ticket with 6 files, 4 times (with the same files)
- 1st try, only 5 files were sent
- 2nd try, all the 6 files were sent
- 3rd try, 4 files were sent
- 4th try, 5 files were sent

I've got no error in the apache log, and I've not seen this kind of
problem anywhere.

Help is very welcomed ;)


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