[rt-users] find time span between dates

Gareth Tupper gareth at phonepower.com
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Hi Roy

If you wouldn't mind, could you share the scrip that you used to accomplish this?  I'm just setting up a small RT installation & those metrics seem like they would be great to start recording.


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As far as I know there is n't ; what I did is create a global custom 
field , and a global scrip that populates its values with condition on 
Status change from new to open, and the action  is user defined 
subtracting the unix time now - the unix created time; then populating 
the field (in seconds).
Our tickets hardly go back to new once are opened , but an if to see if 
the custom field is empty will be a good safe guard.

Obviously this is only useful going forward, for existing tickets you 
will need to write a script (perl/whatever), pull the tickets you need 
and work out
Started - Created then populate the field, its fairly straight forward 
with Perl and the RT api.


Steven Platt wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to report the difference between RT dates (Created & 
> Started) , either in the standard or advanced search ?
> I ' m looking to generate a report to reflect how rapidly requests are 
> addressed by our support staff.
> Many thanks
> Steve
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