[rt-users] Retrieve Watcher Group using Perl

Gavin Mitchell gavinm at btsgroupuk.com
Tue Apr 20 06:02:16 EDT 2010



Fairly new to all of this and can't seem to find an answer to this


I have set a ticket up with a group as Cc and AdminCc, using perl I am
creating a new ticket using the original based on a schedule.


I can access the email addresses using $ticket->AdminCcAddresses but
would like to just set the AdminCc to be the Group name.


Hope that makes sense : here's a code snippet.


        $ticketnew = new RT::Ticket($RT::SystemUser);

        $ticket_body = MIME::Entity->build(Data =>

                Type => 'text/plain');

        %ticket_vals = (

                Queue => 'Actions',

                Status => 'open',

                Subject => $ticket->Subject,

                MIMEObj => $ticket_body,

                Owner => $bywhomname,

                Requestor => '',

                Starts => $start_dt,

                Due => $end_dt,

                Requestor => $ticket->RequestorAddresses,

                AdminCc => $ticket->AdminCcAddresses, # This gives me
the individual email addresses in the group but not the group name

                Cc => $ticket->CcAddresses,

                'CustomField-11' =>

                'CustomField-9' => 'Action',

                'CustomField-8' =>

                'CustomField-2' =>



Thanks in advance for any help



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