[rt-users] Scrip for replying to a resolved ticket, scrip results

Lucchesi Leon, Evan Evan.Leon at mtvn.com
Wed Apr 21 11:02:06 EDT 2010

Hi all, two questions that I haven't been able to find answers to after
a few hours of searching and reading through code:

(For reference I use RT 3.8.4 right now)

1) I'd like to set up a scrip that will correspond with a template when
someone replies to a ticket that has been resolved.  I have tried a
number of different things to try and only send the reply to the person
who sent the correspondence, but I gave up and decided I'd be happy if
it would just autoreply to all requestors and CCs with my template when
someone replies to it and it's resolved.  So the most recent scrip I
have tried is the simplest, and doesn't seem to do anything.  Can anyone
tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Condition: User Defined
Action: Autoreply to Requestors and Ccs
Template: Global template: Autoreply to Resolved
Stage: TransactionCreate

Custom Condition:
return 0 unless ($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "Correspond" &&
$self->TicketObj->Status eq "Resolved");
return 1;

2) We have a number of custom scrips in our RT installation, many of
which perform transactions themselves - for example, when a ticket's
queue is changed from A to B, make sure X and Y custom fields are set,
if they aren't, put the ticket back in A.  The actual line to move the
ticket back is

my ($retcode, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->SetQueue($original_queue);

The problem is, when you go to actually move the ticket to B, and it
gets moved back to A by the scrip, the "Results" section at the top of
the page only displays that it moved the ticket from A to B, and without
looking at the queue you'd have no idea that it was automatically moved
back for you.

So is it possible to either
- Rewrite my line of code above to record the standard "Ticket moved
from A to B" message in the Results section, or
- (preferred) Inject arbitrary text in to this Results box so I can add
my own explanation to the user as to what happened and why?

Thanks for your time, let me know if I can provide any more information
on any of this.


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