[rt-users] Need to decode session data or session id information

Dan O'Neill rt at northpb.com
Wed Apr 21 13:53:28 EDT 2010


We're using RT 3.8.4 and on several occasions RT is storing session data 
that is extremely large.  Here is a query from our system this morning.

rt3=# select lastupdated, length(a_session) from sessions where 
lastupdated >= '2010-04-21' order by  length(a_session) desc limit 3;
         lastupdated         |  length
  2010-04-21 13:29:15.175317 | 99067236
  2010-04-21 06:17:13.315054 |   369098
  2010-04-21 17:31:02.568494 |    59882
(3 rows)

Can someone provide me with a snippet of code that can decode and dump 
the session id or the a_session data block so that I can figure out who 
or what is causing this to occur?



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